COP26: Hands off our Rights, Hands off our Planet!

COP26: Hands off our Rights, Hands off our Planet!

Friday 5th, November 2021: Join us for our global
24-hour online video marathon to
tell world leaders to act now!

The Climate crisis is here and now – the impacts are being felt all over the globe. It’s time for world leaders to see how their inaction on climate is violating our human rights!

Massive rainfall from Indonesia to Germany and scorching temperatures from Canada to Pakistan. As the crisis intensifies with each passing day, so do the losses to our human rights: lives, livelihoods, homes, food security and much more.

Communities suffering from inequality and discrimination are the least protected from the impacts of the climate crisis. Their voices are also the last to be heard. From the right to livelihood to the right to resist, frontline communities are the most impacted.

We cannot allow world leaders to waste more time! So join us during COP26 on Friday, 5th November 2021 for our global 24 hour online action Hands off our Rights, Hands off our Planet to tell leaders to act now!

On that day, people from all over the world will be posting 1 minute videos of themselves on our online platform in order to:

1) share how the climate crisis is impacting our human rights; and

2) tell leaders what they need to do to protect our human rights from the climate crisis.

We will have more exciting news and features very soon, so watch this space. Help us to put a human face on the climate crisis – mark the 5th of November in your calendar!

Peoples’ Summit on Climate, Rights and Human Survival

This document stems from the collaboration of a diverse group of organisations attending the Peoples’ Summit on Climate, Rights and Human Survival in New York on 18-19 September, 2019 – the first ever global summit on human rights and climate change. This declaration outlines shared concerns, a joint vision and common policy commitments to achieve climate justice.

It voices the demands of a united global movement, in which the environmental, social justice and human rights causes mutually strengthen each other to support the communities and individuals on the frontlines of the climate crisis.