The Climate crisis is here and now – the impacts are being felt all over the globe. It’s time for world leaders to see how their inaction on

Because we cannot allow world leaders to waste more time, we need you, your family and friends,  to  join us during COP26 on Friday, 5th November 2021 for our global 24 hour online action Hands off our Rights, Hands off our Planet!

On this day, and this day only, you and people from all over the world are invited to post 1 minute videos to answer these two questions:

  • How has your life or that of your loved ones’ been impacted by the climate crisis?
  • As they gather at COP 26, what do you want leaders to do?

You will be able to record your own video here from 5th November 2021 Fiji-time (UTC+12) , using either a phone or a PC, by simply pressing on a link and following the prompts and the recommendations that will appear on your screen such as:

  • ensuring the light is in front of you (and not behind you)
  • ensuring it is sufficiently quiet around you
  • that your face is well placed on the drawing on the screen.

The last video will be posted in Hawaii the same day at midnight latest (UTC-10). So watch this space on 5th November! 

In the meantime we really need you to share this action and encourage all your friends, family and colleagues, your neighborhoods and your community, to take part. The countdown has started, we count on you!


The People’s Summit was a gathering of international Civil Society groups from across the world that came together in New York in 2019. Concerned that the impact of the climate crisis on all of our lives, and most importantly, on the lives of those most at risk and already affected by the climate crisis was seldom making it on the public and international agenda, the purpose was to reflect,  share and act to place human rights at the core of climate activism to demand immediate, bold, people-powered and human rights-consistent action of unprecedented scale to address the climate crisis. 

The Collective for Climate Rights, an outgrowth of the People’s Summit, has since worked on establishing the processes and projects to strengthen the climate and human rights movement. As COP26 is about to take place the Collective is organising a 24 hour/one day online global video marathon  on 5th November 2021, starting in Fiji and ending in Hawaii, on the eve of 5 days of action in Glasgow and across the world .

Because we know the Climate crisis is here and now – the impacts are being felt all over the globe. Massive rainfall from Indonesia to Germany and scorching temperatures from Canada to Pakistan, as the crisis intensifies with each passing day, so do the losses to our human rights: lives, livelihoods, homes, food security and much more.

Communities suffering from inequality and discrimination are the least protected from the impacts of the climate crisis. Their voices are also the last to be heard. From the right to livelihood to the right to resist, frontline communities are the most impacted. It’s time for world leaders to see how their inaction on climate is violating our human rights!

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The collective for climate rights a decentralized group of climate justice activists that work to strengthen partnerships and collaborations between grassroots, national and international organizations to campaign for climate action that respects and promotes human rights through:

  • Strengthening individual and organizational capacity
  • Providing a space to exchange learnings, to develop joint campaigns and facilitate in-depth conversations on specific issues
  • Providing visibility for campaigns; &
  • Diversifying and co-powering the climate and human rights movement by acting in solidarity & by amplifying people’s power & agency

Current Activities:

  • Supporting case Studies that highlight how climate change impacts the human rights of local communities across the globe;
  • Organizing an interactive COP 26 video marathon to get communities and activists across the globe to communicate their demands around COP26 and human rights.

The collective meets on the last Wednesday of the month at 15:00 UTC (11:00 EST). Questions can be directed to

Video Marathon supported by:

·  Association for Progressive Communications (APC)

·  Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)


·  Environmental Justice Foundation

·  Fight Inequality

·  Friends of the Earth International

·  Amazon Watch

·  International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW-AP)

·  Earth Rights International